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Illustration of the Kingdom

Illustration of the Kingdom

In a land far away, a very dear King spends his kingdom every day, a prosperous kingdom.
One day this kingdom entered into another realm with Gerra, all men were called including the king's son.
After years of Gerra the news that nobody expected the king's son died, Gerra was over and won.
From news the King locked the gate of his kingdom and placed guards at the gate brave, and all came close, though they sent the squid, but nobody spoke to the King.
One day a soldier came from that kingdom, went to the gate spoke to the soldiers I met the son of the King he saved my life, I carried on his back, healed my wounds.
The King ordered the man to enter and apathy of this day that man began to enjoy all the excellence of the KINGDOM.

Good to hear those who have heard
the kingdom and the land
King and God
and Jesus the son
the soldier are saved in
if you want to enter the Kingdom forever know JESUS

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